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Saturday, August 02, 2008

At Adam's currently. He has gone off to do band stuff, and I am left alone to rock out to some NIN tunes and blog on borrowed time.

The work week went by quick. Despite having all the problems routed to my desk, (i.e. questions from coworkers, calls no one wants to take or make, and coworkers crying about other coworkers) it was a pretty good work week.

Yes, I've had already one coworker come to me for help and start bawling. Reminded me of Becky, only I didn't want to console her at all. She made the I'm-about-to-cry face, and I said "Aw, geez!" out loud which lead to her really crying. I told her to sit at my desk and compose herself, because I can't have her crying all over the office and went to talk to whoever made her cry. She wasn't doing her job, they were being mean. It wasn't office politics, it was high school. Either way, I spoke with my sup about the whole ordeal the next morning, and told her I don't like having people crying around me. The crying girl got fired on Friday, (not because of me, but because she wasn't catching up.) Much better I think. I'd rather deal with catty than whiney any day. (Becky knows this. Becky was a crier a long time ago, but she somehow convinced me she was worth consoling. Tricky!)

Spent the night last night here at Adam's. We had dinner at Fox and the Hounds, and actually went to bed early. He has been having sleeping issues so this morning I got up and let him sleep in. He says it made him feel tons better, which is good because he has been stressed a lot lately. His work or his band? Who knows. Atleast it's not me this time, right? This afternoon we ate lunch at Jimmy John's and went to Borders for a bit. When we go to Borders he always gets coffee and reads the magazines on the leather chairs. I sit and try to read for a minute but my ADHD kicks in and I end up walking around until he gets done. We got back home and I took a nap while he made t-shirt logos for his band. Everything seems very settled and comfortable now. Flowing smooth I think. I hope this is not all because I've medicated my psycho persona, but more because we've finally learned to get along.

Speaking of the meds, I've been on it for almost a full two months now. The main differences are: I feel tranquilized 24 hours a day, which from the level of hyperactivity I was at before brings me down to normal levels. I sleep more. I've gained 15 pounds. Adam and I haven't had a fight or broken up since. Mom and Dad are still annoying but I haven't had a fight with them either, or broken up with them :) I can sit at work for 8 hours without wanting to leave early, and I've woken up every morning without the urge to call in. (Well, yes, I'd still rather not work, but knowing I have to be at work is more automatic now.) All in all good changes, I think. I'm going on my third month this week, so I'll keep posting on what happens. Eventually, I'd like not to take the meds anymore but for now, since the changes are good, I don't want to stop taking it, atleast without talking to my doctor first. Why change a good thing, right?

Well, this ends my Saturday blog. I hope everyone else is doing well.
posted by Jenni @ 6:06 PM  
  • At 3:20 PM, Anonymous JC said…

    I love the new hair!!! AND the new weight! But I miss the DAILY blogging but I suppose when you have none of that 'bad' drama, there's less to write about and that's a GOOD thing! Maybe I can make some chicken adobo and lure you over for a visit. Even if it's just 6.7 minutes or something little and insignificant like that :) Have a great and TWIX day!

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